A company that manages waste of ink and toner cartridges, as well as other non-hazardous ones, the new AIP HappyGREEN associate operates throughout the national territory, from Abrunheira, in Sintra, where its operations center is located.

Most printing supplies, which are from brands such as HP, Canon and Lexmark, are priced for those who buy, but this “trash” can also give profit to those who sell it, companies and individuals.

Created a decade ago and managed by Jorge Fernandes, it bets on the circular economy to reduce the ecological footprint, closing cycles through the recovery, reconditioning and/or repair of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as computers, monitors and small appliances that would otherwise end up in a landfill but are now being put back on the market by the ingenuity of this kind of salvation army.

The old makes new and gives money to companies and individuals who want to get rid of garbage and obsolete equipment.

Converting waste into new products is one of its specialties, perhaps the noblest of the HappyGREEN mission. “This is the only way to eliminate the concept of “end-of-life””, guarantees the company on its website, with evidence given in the fulfillment of this desideratum.

“We collect printing consumables trying our best, through specialized sorting, to identify and reintroduce into the market all those that are ready to be reused”, he informs.

“We prevented thousands of products from being prematurely discarded, we collected and sent for recycling or adequate treatment hundreds of tons of waste throughout the mainland national territory and the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores”, says the company.

Although the management of computer consumable waste (used ink cartridges and toners) is its main activity, the company's services extend to environmental consultancy and global management of office waste, in particular WEEE, furniture and other non-material waste. organic.

As part of its activity, it supports companies to comply with their legal and environmental obligations and, at the same time, to reduce the ecological footprint of their business activities.

The global waste management service is aimed at companies that periodically generate different types of waste and only want an interlocutor to streamline all processes in the management of their waste.

Metals, wood, monochrome, plastics, cardboard, paper or WEEE (computers, printers, ink cartridges, toners, small appliances) are some of the waste that we are authorized to collect. For other types we have partners who can also make their contribution so that you continue to forward waste with just one interlocutor.

This service is analyzed from time to time and does not always represent costs for the company, it may also give rise to income depending on the valuation that may be verified.

As Waste Management Operators (OGR) of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) HappyGREEN receives and forwards goods that are part of tangible fixed assets for destruction.

Through the elaboration of a slaughter notice and together with the e-GAR (Waste Monitoring Guide), it proves the destruction of the respective goods.

The company has created an online platform so that everyone can sell empty ink cartridges without leaving their home, just by subscribing to the purchase table. It informs that more than 80% of empty ink cartridges can be reused.

"Our purchase table has about 1000 models of empty ink and toner cartridges that we can buy, but this site will help those who only have ink cartridges at home and have some difficulty in analyzing our table", explains HappyGREEN, inviting interested parties to go “search to place the quantity and close the sale”.


County: Sintra

Sector: Waste management and recycling

CAE: Recovery of metallic and non-metallic waste. Services for the collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Collection, storage and sale of computer consumables, computer equipment and material, metallic and non-metallic scrap and household appliances, new and used, and their dismantling and recycling and material recovery. Recovery of non-metallic waste. Retail sale of second-hand items in specialized stores.

Manager: Jorge Fernandes

Products/Services: Ink cartridges and toners; electrical and electronic equipment; global waste management and disposal of tangible fixed assets; collection of WEEE; Consultancy: solar energy, energy audits, water resources management, environmental impact studies and licensing of waste management operators.