Strengthened by a team of 1100 people and supported by 16 industrial units, the J.J. Louro Pereira S.A. group reaches 2021 with 40 years of activity in the production of mattresses and furniture for the home, hospitality, office and geriatrics.

AIP member since 2007, and based in Amiais de Cima, in the municipality of Santarém, the group exports to over 40 countries several products under the registered brands Lusocolchão, Lourini and LOMM.

Considered one of the oldest Portuguese furniture companies in operation, J.J.Louro was founded in 1980 by the charismatic Joaquim José Louro Pereira - who died in 2014 at the age of 62 - and is today managed by his sons, Ricardo and Pedro Pereira.

Entrepreneur and with a strategic vision for the business, Joaquim Louro Pereira started that year to manufacture wooden chests, but soon realized that the market was already saturated with this piece so common in Portuguese homes. Then he started to produce wooden furniture, mattresses and upholstery and, later, other articles.

On March 19, 2009, the entrepreneur-benefactor, as he was also recognized, received the Gold Medal of the city of Santarém and, on June 10 of the same year, he was distinguished by the President of the Republic with the degree of commendator in the Class of Merit Industrial.

Integrated and sustainable industry

The manufacturing facilities of J.J. Louro Pereira, considered one of the largest Portuguese industrial groups and the largest group in the Santarém district, occupy a vast covered area of ​​approximately 200 thousand m2, housing various infrastructures that are constantly growing.

The production of Lourini furniture and sofas and Lusocolchão mattresses are the main areas of knowledge and competence, offering a wide range of articles that can be enjoyed on the brand's website or in the showroom, this one with more than 2,500 m2.

The company contributes to a sustainable and integrated industry, from the production of raw materials and components to the manufacture of the main products: furniture, sofas and mattresses.

The raw materials and components it manufactures are integrated into the final products, such as sawing wood, hardware and metal components (Lomm brand), production and recycling of plastic (Sanplax), production of bonel springs and bagged springs for the mattresses. It also manufactures its own foam for the mattresses, through the Topfoam brand.

More opportunities in the region

In a recent newsletter from the company to mark the 40 years of activity, but “with ambition”, of the Escabitan business group, the brothers share the feeling that was at the origin of a family and local business that would become an industrial center with more of a thousand workers.

“A future built with our own hands”, write the brothers Louro Pereira when recalling, also on the website and Linkedin, the journey of “a company with a history of knowing how to do well”.

“Since the beginning of our journey, we have developed and refined techniques and new knowledge that, together with the latest technologies, allow us to do quality work that we can be proud of”, they explain.

Four decades based “on an entrepreneurial ambition, which boosted a family business in a successful business group” highlight “the organizing genesis” of the Louro Pereira group that “created opportunities” in the region.

“We believe in the talent of our employees”, affirm Ricardo and Pedro Pereira, who bet on “continuous training”, which is reflected in “production competence” and “quick evaluation and execution of each project”.

Construction of Creche Mãe Celeste

“Support and create a culture of solidarity in the communities that are close to us”, says Pedro Pereira, the CEO of JJ Louro Pereira, regarding the celebration, on May 4, of the 10th anniversary of Creche Mãe Celeste, built by company in 2011, in Amiais de Cima, headquarters of its operations.

Available to the children of all the group's employees, it aims to “improve family balance and well-being alongside their professional lives” and, at the same time, “help the community to grow”.

The institution was named after Celeste in honor of the mother of Commander Joaquim José Louro Pereira.