WineStone, a company from the José de Mello Group created in October 2023 for the wine sector, today marks its entry into the Lisbon region, with the acquisition of Quinta de Pancas, located in Alenquer and founded in 1495: total area of 75 hectares of which 60 are planted vineyards, terroir marked by its proximity to the Atlantic and the characteristic climate of the Serra de Montejunto and quality wines including two notable examples of Cabernet Sauvignon and Portuguese Chardonnay.

The new asset expands the portfolio of the investment holding that the José de Mello Group created to grow in the wine sector: Ravasqueira (Alentejo), Quinta do Retiro Novo and Quinta do Côtto (Douro) Paço de Teixeiró (Vinhos Verdes), expanding its production and export capacity, as well as entry into new markets and segments, namely, with the acquisition of the centuries-old Krohn Port wine brand.

The company originated in Ravasqueira, which had already been in the Mello family for 80 years, whose accelerated growth in recent years led to the identification of the wine business as an area with strong development potential for the Mello family business group, founded by Alfredo da Silva, former president of the AIP, in 1898.

Preserving the natural and human wine heritage of the past, respecting and expanding this capital in the present and inspiring future generations, through the development of superior wines and the brands most admired by consumers is the purpose of the company that assumes the ambition of becoming a of the main operators in the wine sector in Portugal and whose executive president is Pedro Pereira Gonçalves.

WineStone has the ambition of becoming one of the main operators in the wine sector in Portugal and its executive president is Pedro Pereira Gonçalves, who has led, in recent years, the process of development and affirmation of Ravasqueira.

The José de Mello Group is made up of Bondalti, Brisa, CUF, WineStone and José de Mello Residências e Serviços.

Bondalti is the current name of the historic CUF (Companhia União Fabril). It is the oldest company in the José de Mello Group, currently operating in three areas of activity: chemical industry, energy and water treatment.

Brisa is a national and international reference in the management and operation of motorways in Portugal, assuming a corporate position that links the era of infrastructure to the era of mobility, with the customer at the center of its activity.

CUF is the largest private healthcare operator in Portugal. Its roots date back to 1945, the year in which the first CUF Hospital was opened, on Avenida Infante Santo, in Lisbon.

WineStone is the José de Mello Group's latest business platform, which reinforces its business operations in the wine sector.

José de Mello Residências e Serviços is a center of excellence in the development of residential solutions and orthopedic, geriatric and neurological recovery and rehabilitation programs.

Source: José de Mello Group