Portuguese group with more than three decades of experience in the industry, Capa S.A., a new associate of AIP based in Valongo, specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of modular prefabricated construction projects, drainage systems and manhole covers. , and solar photovoltaic systems for minigeneration and microgeneration.

It exports to more than 30 countries, spread across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia, also playing an important role in some of these markets.

Managed by Carla Lopes Inácio and with offices in Angola and Mozambique, the company operates in three branches of activity, through different brands: Capa Modular – modular buildings, in which it is a leader in Portuguese-speaking African countries; Drain Cover – drainage systems and manhole covers; and Capa Energias - photovoltaic solar systems for mini and microgeneration.

What we call prefabricated, modular buildings or modular houses are, using the correct technical name, prefabricated buildings composed of modules.

The prefabricated modules, in the shape of a parallelepiped, are built in the factory, under a metallic structure and using a sandwich panel.

On the ground, modules can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked up to four stories high, allowing for a wide variety of configurations and styles in building design.

Modular construction offers significant advantages over traditional construction, among which the following stand out: construction ten times faster than traditional construction; reduction of execution times at work; more consistent quality; lower cost; and flexibility of use.

Each of the modular construction components can be built in the factory while preparing the place where it will be implanted, thus saving time and money. Architectural details can be added, making the modular project indistinguishable from the one executed using conventional construction.

Founded on December 27, 1985 with the aim of supplying the construction market, Capa has extended its portfolio of products and services to industries as demanding as oil and gas exploration, where it supplies construction sites and life bases, or modular construction of public and private works such as hospitals, schools, universities, houses, banks and prefabricated restaurants.


Municipality: Valongo. Offices in Luanda and Maputo.

Sector: Industry.

CAE: Manufacture of metallic structures.

Administrator: Carla Lopes Inácio

Products/services: Design, manufacture and installation of prefabricated modular construction projects: construction sites/life bases; training/teaching centres; urban architecture; hospitals and health centers; modular houses/prefabricated houses; public equipment; prefabricated pavilions; trade and services; Bars and restaurants. Drainage systems and manhole covers. Photovoltaic solar systems for minigeneration and microgeneration.