Gastão Cunha Ferreira, which has been working in the area of ​​Intellectual Property consultancy for 85 years, acquired the Letrário Translation Services brand and the operation of this company which, for more than 20 years, has built a high reputation in the area of ​​translation and language services, having an impressive client portfolio that includes some of the largest Portuguese companies.

This acquisition reinforces the linguistic services offer of Gastão Cunha Ferreira, whose translation department, until then, was mainly dedicated to technical translations within the scope of intellectual property consultancy, in particular the translation of patents.

Governed by the same principles of seriousness, transparency, quality and technological advancement, with both being at the top of their expertise and differentiation in their areas, all that was needed was for them to act together, in a synergy of greater value than the sum of the parts. Therefore, the decision was to adopt a co-branding strategy based on the new image of the Letrário brand, relaunched as Letrário Language Services by Gastão Cunha Ferreira.

After a few months dedicated to the transition, expectations were largely exceeded, and Gastão Cunha Ferreira customers saw the reinforcement of the service offering in a very positive way. The result was a strong boost given to the Letrário brand, which renews its commitment to providing linguistic services supported by the best technology and tailored to the needs of each client.

At this time, when Gastão Cunha Ferreira is investing in new technological solutions, namely artificial intelligence, applied not only to intellectual property consultancy, but also to the creation of new linguistic services, the company's commitment is to continue to actively cultivate service to a client that is as attentive as it is rigorous and combines the experience of the best professionals with cutting-edge technology.

All these factors contribute to the future of making Gastão Cunha Ferreira and Letrário Language Services by Gastão Cunha Ferreira increasingly stronger and recognized brands in the market, associated with quality, innovation and rigor.