They founded the company in 2017 and won the João Vasconcelos award in 2021. Joana Rafael, Nuno Moutinho, Paulo Carreira and Vasco Portugal, founders of Sensei, were considered by Startup Lisboa the entrepreneurs of the year, in the third edition of the trophy created in honor of the former - Secretary of State for Industry. Sensei creates and develops technology that allows you to shop in a supermarket without stopping at a checkout to make payment. The award was announced on September 30, at an in-person ceremony, in which Joana Rafael was also awarded the prize for best presentation, given by a panel of journalists.

With a value of 10,000 euros, the João Vasconcelos award is sponsored by Semapa Next and has the support of Basinghall Partners, Associação Mutualista Montepio Geral, Lisbon City Council and IAPMEI.

A pioneer in the development of solutions to create queue-free and frictionless shopping experiences for the customer, Sensei developed the technology for Continente Labs, the first independent supermarket without checkout in Europe.