Bizdocs, a leader in document management solutions for accounting offices, has launched a new intelligent tool for micro, small and medium-sized companies in different sectors aimed at improving their efficiency and productivity. Simpler, safer and more economical, it allows the legal electronic archiving of invoices sent and received by email and business documents, saving time and headaches for those who want to keep their “writing up to date”.

Simple to implement, it offers features such as intelligent document scanning, automatic data extraction in CIUS-PT format, cloud storage, digital signature and compatibility with iOS and Android web platforms.

“We are excited to launch Bizdocs for SMBs,” said Carlos Latourrette, CEO of Bizdocs. “We believe that our new solution will revolutionize the way SMEs manage their documents, allowing them to save time, money and paper, increasing efficiency and productivity.”

He explains that the solution guarantees advanced security and total access control, complies with DL 28/2019 as well as the GDPR, is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and has certification issued by the National Security Office.

The Bizdocs brand (and company) has a long history of providing high-quality document management solutions for accounting firms and businesses of all sizes. With the launch of the new solution for SMEs, its mission to support businesses of all sizes continues, improving their efficiency and productivity.

Source: Bizdocs