The 20 years of experience in computer systems of Factor Vsoluble, a new associate of AIP based in Lisbon, guarantee constant specialized technical support to companies that want to be safe, without interruptions of malfunctions that cause a loss of time and money.

Managed by Ricardo Paulino, the Factor Vilhões team is prepared to solve the problem on the same day, whether it's a computer, server or network problems. It also establishes IT maintenance agreements by way of a system of payment.

It is in the “Computer Workshop” that part of the daily activity is carried out, guided by three pillars: IT assistance, computer repair and free diagnosis.

The portfolio of services is vast, from updating computers and data recovery plans in the event of breakdowns or other disasters, to advising on backups and computer network redesign, providing performance and reliability. It also includes the task of advising and planning the migration of data to a “cloud” system.

The sale of new and reconditioned equipment is part of Factor Volútel's offer. It explains, on its website, that the refurbished “are equipment of the business line, coming from leasing and renting from banks, insurance companies, airports, and other large companies”.

Before being offered for resale to the final customer or company, and with a one-year warranty, they are subject to several processes: hardware testing; verification of components, such as the motherboard, RAM, keyboard, monitor, network, wi-fi and DVD; replacement of defective parts; replacement of any plastic that is damaged, such as broken hinges and screws; hard disk formatting and operating system installation.


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: Commerce

CAE: Computer Services. Wholesale of computers, peripheral equipment and computer programs.

Manager: Ricardo Paulino

Products/services: Repair of computers and laptops; sale of new and used computers with warranty; periodic maintenance contract; visit, urgent or not, of a consultant to the company; computer upgrades; data recovery; data migration to a “cloud” system; backup advice; computer network redesign.