The Siemens factory in Corroios received one of the largest orders for fast chargers for electric vehicles, a total of 200, placed by Astor Enerji, a manufacturer of transformers and products for electrical panels that plans to build charging stations across Turkey.

The Turkish company intends to install chargers every 200 kilometers along the country's highways and in several shopping centers, explains the German multinational in a statement.

Siemens will also provide back-end software to configure charger control and monitoring, ensuring optimized operation. The software will allow Astor Enerji to use cloud applications for the charging management system, with payment modules, membership options and energy prices.

With this software, and through the cloud, stations will be monitored and controlled remotely. In other words, 99% of unlikely failures can be resolved online, which allows factors such as time and costs related to sending maintenance teams to the field to be minimized.

“The Corroios production unit is a key element of the electric mobility ecosystem that Siemens has in the country, which ranges from research and development to production”, highlights the company.

Markus Mildner, CEO of eMobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, quoted in the statement, explains this “substantial contribution to the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Turkey”.

“The combined expertise of Astor Enerji and Siemens is an important factor in the rapid implementation of the project. Sicharge D adapts perfectly to the needs of electric vehicle drivers and our digital services will help ensure maximum availability of the future charging network", says the person responsible.

Corroios has produced and exported 1900 chargers since 2020

Siemens created an ecosystem for electric mobility in Portugal that brings together production capacity, provided by the Corroios Factory, research and development and a sales, engineering, project management and service skills center.

Since 2020, the Corroios factory has produced more than 1,900 chargers, with around 95% of production being exported to countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia , New Zealand, Vietnam, Israel, India, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, among others.

Türkiye will reach 2.5 million electric vehicles in 10 years

Feridun Geçgel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Astor Energi, highlights the impact of this Siemens technology on the future of mobility in Turkey: “The number of electric vehicles in our country is expected to reach 2.5 million in 10 years. Along with the transition to electric vehicles, the creation of infrastructure is of enormous importance. With our Astor Charge brand, we have taken an important step towards improving the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations in Turkey, especially when it comes to installing direct current charging stations, i.e. fast charging. Our cooperation with Siemens will offer electric vehicle owners safe, fast and easy charging. Furthermore, this agreement will contribute to our country's goals in terms of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies."

The Turkish electric vehicle market is growing rapidly. According to current projections, Turkey's charging station infrastructure will increase by around 50% by 2030, by which time up to two million electric cars are expected to be on the road in the country.

The supplied charger, the high-power direct current (DC) Sicharge D from Siemens, with a rated power of up to 300 kW, reduces charging times to up to 15 minutes and is very easy to operate.

The charging process is automatically adapted to the connected vehicles. The load capacity can be fully used by a single vehicle or distributed among several vehicles, depending on needs.

Dynamic power allocation easily determines individual charging needs, ensuring optimized charging times. Up to three vehicles can be charged in parallel. Using a dispenser, the system can be expanded to have up to four fast charging sockets.

Source: Siemens Portugal