“The theory of only renewables, with the rejection of nuclear and hydraulic fragmentation, fracking, has led Europe and is leading us again, towards the abyss in terms of industrial competitiveness. Worse, China is leading all critical technologies for our future.” The statement was made by Pedro Sampaio Nunes and was made at the conference “The new challenges of energy”, which took place on June 22 at the Lisbon Congress Centre, the first of a cycle of Business Meetings entitled “The New Challenges – A Business Perspective” ”, organized by the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) and the Forum for Competitiveness with the aim of promoting the participation of economic agents, both in the analysis of various issues that affect Portugal's growth, and in the preparation of proposals that enhance that growth. Conclusions will be drawn from each of the sessions that will result in a set of proposals.

Moderated by Luís Mira Amaral, the former Minister of Industry and Energy gave an introduction to the topic of the current energy situation. Pedro Sampaio Nunes, businessman and consultant, presented an overview of the system. Pedro Neves Ferreira, Director of Energy Management at EDP, focused his intervention on the supply side. João Mendonça e Costa, executive director of the Portuguese Association of Industrial Large Consumers of Electricity, discussed the view from the side of large consumers of electric energy. Finally, Ricardo Nunes, president of the Association of Energy Traders, left the view of traders.

After the speeches of the speakers, there was a debate with the audience.