The regulation of the “Decarbonization of Industry” Incentive System was approved, and is already in force, with a financial package of 715 million euros, aimed at supporting investments by all industries that aim to transition to a neutral economy in carbon.

Incentives take the form of non-refundable support, with fees that can go up to 100% of the eligible investment. The projects that can be supported fall into three types: (i) low carbon processes and technologies in the industry (new processes, products or models aimed at decarbonization and digitalization; circularity in the use of resources; new raw materials, derived fuels of waste; use of biomass or biogas; circular economy measures; adaptation and/or replacement of renewable energy vector equipment; electrification of final consumption; (ii) energy efficiency measures (which reduce consumption and emissions of gases with effect greenhouse; consumption monitoring and management systems; and (iii) incorporation of energy from renewable sources; (incorporation of renewable energy; energy storage; hydrogen and renewable gases in industry).

Find out what the requirements are and how to apply: or 213 601 013.