At the board meeting and general meeting of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CE-CPLP), held on April 13, businessmen expressed great concern about Mobility. “Despite the progress made when the CPLP governments signed the Mobility Agreement in July 2021 at the summit of CPLP Heads of State and Government in Luanda with a view to its start in January 2022, implementation continues to be lacking. , not satisfying the intentions of the entrepreneurs of the CPLP and, in particular, of Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP)”.

PALOP entrepreneurs, in particular, “have been facing serious difficulties with regard to obtaining entry visas for the Portuguese Republic in particular, thus seeing their intentions of interacting and doing business with this CPLP country frustrated”.

Also at this meeting, the report of accounts and the report of activities of the organization were unanimously approved.