The number of companies surveyed that considered the group issue of bonds to be relevant, very or extremely relevant was 42 percent, in a universe of more than 200 responses to the “Inquiry on Financing Opportunities for SMEs”, which AIP, in partnership with PwC, carried out at the end of 2021, within the scope of the project “Financing Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises”.

This survey aimed to carry out a diagnosis of the current situation of SMEs in accessing and using different financing instruments that could be alternatives to those available on the market. Group bond issuance is a model in which a certain set of SMEs issues bonds, creating a bond fund, with public guarantee, in the amount of the set of bonds issued by the various companies.

This model allows bond issues to gain sufficient size and have a moderate risk to potentially attract investor interest. AIP is working with BCP, PwC and public entities to design and set up an operation to issue grouped bonds.

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