After participating in important mobility projects such as the Odense and Copenhagen Metro, Efacec was chosen by Midtjyske Jernbaner (MJBA), a railway operator in the Midtylland region, in northern Denmark, to supply a charging station for the new trains batteries recently acquired, in light of a contract worth more than six million euros.

This installation is considered essential in the energy transition process initiated by MJBA, as it will allow the start of operation of new electric trains, replacing current diesel vehicles.

The Danish operator plans to reinforce this change with the installation of solar panels to enable the charging of its new battery trains, as well as buses and electric vehicles with renewable energy.

The contract signed includes the design and supply, on a “turnkey” basis, of a station with 4.4 MW of power and three stationary charging points through short sections of 25 kV catenary, allowing the charging of a train in less than 10 minutes.

Midtjyske Jernbaner trusted in our innovation and the excellence of our work, awarding us this first contract for equipment of this type in Denmark, which reinforces Efacec's position as leader in an emerging market segment with very relevant growth potential. ”, highlights Ângelo Ramalho, CEO of Efacec.

The use of electric trains with batteries allows the electrified operation of sections of the railway networks, with lower traffic density, and where the installation of traditional catenary solutions is not justified from an economic point of view, accelerating the transition to a more ecological operation. Charging via catenary segments additionally allows the same trains to operate on already electrified sections.

“The award of this project consolidates Efacec's presence in important mobility projects in Denmark, namely the Odense Light Rail, the expansion of the Copenhagen Metro, among others. The positive results of the work that has been developed in the Nordic markets and the high quality of project execution, sustain the confidence of our clients and their technical consultants in Efacec's skills, enhancing the realization of an innovative and challenging project”, adds Ângelo Ramalho.

“We are very pleased to sign the contract with Efacec to supply the charging infrastructure here in Lemvig for our next battery trains”, highlighted, in turn, Arne Lægaard, chairman of the board of directors of MJBA. “The new infrastructure is the basis of our vision and why we are the first railway operator in Denmark to operate battery-powered trains. We look forward to collaborating with Efacec and benefiting from their vast experience and knowledge.”

Source: Efacec