International recognition as a Top Employer was reinforced this year in two more countries – Chile and Singapore – which add to the nine where EDP and EDP Renováveis ​​are present. The EDP Group received its first certification seven years ago.

EDP ​​will once again be recognized among the best companies in the world to work for in 2024. The certification received by the Top Employer Institute reinforces the group's positioning in Portugal and, for the first time, in Spain and Brazil. In the case of EDP Renováveis, in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Greece, Brazil, Colombia and, also for the first time, in Chile and Singapore.

EDP ​​Renováveis ​​is also distinguished as a Top Employer in Europe in seven countries. The Top Employer certification was extended to several markets where the group operates over the last seven years, valuing excellent practices in people management on a global level.

The certification program involves the analysis of 350 management practices, through which EDP was evaluated in 20 different areas. The company obtained maximum scores in the dimensions of business strategy, ethics and integrity, and stood out in the dimensions of performance, work environment and sustainability.

It also achieved scores significantly above market performance in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, and well-being, reflecting its commitment to ensuring a healthy, balanced and inclusive work environment.

EDP, which has more than 13 thousand employees, thus once again consolidates its global positioning as an employer of first choice and its commitment to an attractive work experience, which puts people at the center of its strategy.

The Top Employer Institute is a global reference in recognizing the best practices in people management, with more than 30 years of experience and having already certified more than 1,800 organizations around the world.

The awarding of this certification reflects EDP's ongoing commitment to building an increasingly human, positive and impactful work environment, responding to new global trends and the personal and professional needs of an organization that has its people as its main source of energy.

Source: EDP / Release