The new partner Certo Seguros, an insurance intermediary with a multi-brand profile, offers a personalized consultancy service, has partnerships with some of the biggest references in the insurance market and protection solutions for the business segment, combining the best coverage options with the best rates.

Presenting the most recent products on the market, from insurance and health plans, which protect the well-being of employees, to solutions for managers and administrators, the mediator offers several options for business clients, but also for individuals and families, such as insurance life, multi-risk housing, automobile, personal accidents, among others. Coverage is simple, affordable and always contracted according to the needs of each client.

Optional coverage for managers and administrators

Certo Seguros intends to differentiate itself from its competitors and invest in a broader offer for companies. In addition to mandatory insurance, it also offers optional coverage such as Ciber Risco, CEO and Manager insurance and others that protect companies against damage from third parties and other risks inherent to activities related to the business world.

Família Certo Seguros: a personalized consultancy service

With fully personalized support, Certo Seguros has a team of professionals close to its clients and, therefore, created the Certo Seguros Family. A consultancy service that aims to clarify all customer doubts, propose the best insurance solutions and also analyze each customer's insurance portfolio.


Municipality: Coimbra, Portalegre and Lisbon

Sector: Insurance

CAE: Activity related to insurance mediation, Life and Non-Life.

Manager: Ricardo Cruz

Main products/services: Insurance Mediation, Insurance Consulting.