On September 18, AIP organized the I CHALLENGE AIP – RUMO AO OESTE, a teambuilding initiative where 19 teams put their intellectual and physical abilities to the test. AIP was represented by two teams, Team 1 consisting of Filipe Zuzarte, Gildo Austin, Adriana Nunes, Francisco Machado and Valter de Andrade who achieved 4th place and Team 2 composed by the President of the Portuguese Industrial Association, José Eduardo Carvalho, Maria José Chaves, António Cunha Horta, Paulo Caldas and Jorge Gaspar, who got the 16th place.

Climbing, slide, water flute, eco-karts, archery, jumping racing, relay, peddy-paper by Alcobaça were some of the many challenges that were successfully overcome! A fantastic day that promoted the learning of strategies, empathy, cooperation and mutual help between the participating teams.

Congratulations to the winning team Moneris and to the other teams for the fantastic day and for the interaction between companies!

Ready for the next Challenge??