Ropre is a group formed by the exporting companies R3D, R3M-Packaging and Boltherm, leading manufacturers in the packaging and thermal insulation industries.

Created in 1990 in Covilhã and managed by Rogério Presa, AIP's new associate started operating in the textile industry, but is nowadays a business force in the plastics sector, ensuring a relevant role for business innovation.

It was in this same quality that it entered the markets with vigor, adopting a new production matrix and maintaining the manufacture of car seat covers and carpets, items that were destined for large surfaces.

Following a vertical management model, Ropre has excelled in a turnkey service or product, a strategy that it has implemented in its factories in Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States of America and Brazil.

It brings together knowledge and technical knowledge to respond to all stages of production of a model, from its conception to the commercialization phase, a modus operandi that allowed the transformation of the business and the creation of the companies R3D, R3M and Boltherm.

R3D accumulates an experience of nearly two decades in the manufacture of promotional products made from air bubbles, such as sun shades, decorative packaging, envelopes, coolers and displays.

It is one of the leading companies in the market for bubble advertising products across Europe. About 90% of its production is exported around the world.

Through a horizontal production process, it manufactures from the raw material to the final product, personalized and customized according to the client's needs and brand.

It invests in innovation in manufacturing processes, looking for increasingly more environmentally friendly solutions, and currently 80% of the raw materials used in manufacturing are recycled within its own facilities.

All products are made with over 80% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.

R3M-Packaging was founded in 2013 by elements with several years of experience in the field of food packaging and with the objective of offering innovative solutions to an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

It supplies packaging products, but also provides personalized services according to the needs of each customer, from image development, new packaging and technical support in production, to the evaluation of packaging costs and losses.

It has a logistics and production platform with approximately 15 thousand square meters, located in Covilhã, and a second one, in Madrid.

Boltherm, in turn, is dedicated to the production of thermal insulation. It has been a manufacturer of aluminum-based reflective insulation for over 15 years.


County: Covilhã

Sector: Industry

CAE: Manufacture of other plastic articles, n.e. Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except clothing. Specialized wholesale trade agents for other products. Recovery of non-metallic waste.

Manager: Rogério Presa

Main products/services: Thermal and promotional packaging. 100% recyclable blister packaging, envelopes and boxes made with 85% recycled raw material. Promotional products made from air bubbles, such as sun shades, decorative packaging, envelopes, coolers and displays. Food packaging.

Production of thermal, acoustic and thermo-acoustic insulation solutions. Sub-parquet and sub-tile. Reflective aluminum base insulation.