DIG-IN, the most used restaurant discovery app in Portugal, marks its debut at the country's biggest food event, in partnership with the Lisbon Food Affair. From the 4th to the 6th of February, the brand will be present at FIL, presenting a wide range of digital solutions and innovative projects aimed at shaping the future of the restaurant sector in Portugal.

DIG-IN's presence will be marked by exclusive stands, with two spaces that allow a comprehensive view of digital products and services for restaurants, which combine innovation and technology. Ongoing research projects, guided by global food trends, will also be highlighted.

As an integral part of the event, the food tech start-up is also the organizer of the talk “Flavors of the Future: Digitization, Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence”, on February 5th, Monday, at 3pm, where the product and digital innovation manager of DIG-IN and representatives from the brands Zone Soft, Coca-Cola, Turismo de Portugal and Grupo Nómada will address topics such as the impact of digitalization, sustainability challenges and the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence in restaurants.

“In an increasingly digital world and with our eyes set on futuristic trends in the sector, I believe that our presence at this event will be crucial for the advancement and synergy of the different restaurant players in Portugal. It will be crucial to take advantage of these days to discuss topics such as the impact of digitalization on the operations and processes of companies and brands linked to restaurants, identifying the main technological means adopted to improve the experience of customers and professionals, discussing the new challenges that sustainability brings to companies and reflecting on the existing response capacity, as well as understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on the sector and exploring how it can be used for the benefit of everyone”, reinforces Nuno Fernandes, CEO & Co-Founder of DIG-IN.

So that professional visitors to the fair can discover and learn about all DIG-IN solutions, a pitch will be made to restaurants on the 4th, Sunday, under the theme “Innovation at the Table: Digitizing Restoration with DIG-IN Solutions”, and also another moment for brands on the 6th, under the motto “Transforming Brands, Transforming Experiences: The DIG-IN Revolution”.

During every day of the fair it will also be possible to watch “showcookings”, in partnership with Upfield, which promise to combine irresistible flavors with culinary innovation.

There are three unmissable days of DIG-IN at the Lisbon Food Affair, which promise to mark the journey of restaurants in Portugal.

DIG-IN's updated content includes restaurant menus, photos, addresses and other essential information for a gastronomic experience. Users can also book, make payments, evaluate and give opinions about their experiences in restaurants.

In Portugal, DIG-IN has 2 million views per month, making it the most complete restaurant discovery platform, both for foodies and those looking for restaurant solutions.

It also offers a Delivery service and an exclusive points and prizes system in the app.

Source: DIG-IN