In order to continue the international promotion actions, with the Strongly Internationalized Groups and the markets, companies registered in the PME Connect II project will have a dynamic session on September 28, at 10 am, at the AIP headquarters building, in Lisbon. .

The opening will be by Paulo Caldas, from AIP, which will be followed by the presentation and delivery of access credentials and user manual for the PME Connect II Project Platform, by the company Market Access. The next point in the program, General Structuring of Market Guides, will be the responsibility of Deloitte. Finally, Market Access and Deloitte will present the activities in South America (Activation Lab, Market Workshop, Business Forum and Physical Mission). There will also be room for answers to questions raised by the registered companies and by others who wish to join the project.

Thank you for confirming your presence. Consult the project summary and access the membership form. More information: or 213 601 055. Companies participating in the PME Connect II project will have the opportunity to consolidate partnerships and go to the markets with the Strongly Internationalized Groups Mota Engil, SONAE, Grupo Pestana, EDP and Tekever