AIP, in partnership with Vistage, will carry out, on June 25th, at 2:30 pm, the session “The skills of a Leader”. Aimed at CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, it is intended to experience a peer-to-peer counseling model, with the aim of group members helping each other to improve their performance and business results. The session, which takes place in the AIP Presidents' Room, in Praça das Indústrias, is free but requires registration. More information:

Since 1957, the Vistage group has provided entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity for growth and development, connecting them with leaders facing similar challenges and who can offer valuable insights. At monthly meetings facilitated by an experienced chair, members receive confidential, honest feedback and personalized one-on-one support. This not only helps in making more informed and strategic decisions, but also promotes continuous personal and professional development, contributing to the success and sustainability of the business. The group is present in 35 countries and has more than 46 thousand members, having improved more than 100 thousand leaders.