Company founded in June 2008, the new associate Dental Porto has a dental prosthesis laboratory installed in a central area of ​​Invicta, on Rua Santo Ildefonso.

It is managed by Pedro Soares Monteiro, whose partner is Vitor Soares Monteiro.

Thirteen years of activity ensure its quality in a market developing in "cruising speed" and increasingly competitive.


County: Porto.

Sector: Health.

CAE: Manufacture of orthopedic material and prostheses and medical-surgical instruments. Manufacture of articles and devices: prostheses (dental and orthopedic prostheses, crutches, splints, braces, medical-surgical slings, vests, etc.); masks for medical applications; orthopedic footwear (medical prescription); laboratory sterilizers; syringes, scalpels and hypodermic needles; cements and other products for dental fillings; bone repair cements; bone reconstruction cements, furniture for medical use and thermometers. Includes accessories, parts and pieces of material from this activity. Other human health activities, n. and.

Manager: Pedro Soares Monteiro.

Products/Services: Dental prostheses.