The shortage of drivers and qualified workers is a concern for the economy and the logistics sector in particular, being one of the critical factors hindering future growth. To counter this shortage, the German multinational Dachser, which has been operating in Portugal since 1986, launched Dachser Service und Ausbildungs ​​GmbH ten years ago, and is currently one of the largest professional driver trainers in Germany with a sustainable qualification strategy.

A report released by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) considers that the lack of drivers is a European and global problem, with more than three million jobs unfilled in 36 countries surveyed. “The shortage of qualified workers is a general market trend that affects the entire logistics sector,” says Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser. “We have to make increasing efforts to fill vacancies”, he adds. 

It was due to this adversity that Dachser began, ten years ago, to be one of the first logistics companies to launch a qualification strategy, by founding Dachser Service und Ausbildungs ​​GmbH. The objective is to attract young people to the driving profession, inspire them, train them and keep them in the market in the long term. 

“Valuation, perspectives, personal responsibility and salary are the most important factors in making the profession more attractive”, said Hendrik Jansen, managing director of Dachser Service und Ausbildungs ​​GmbH. 

Balance between professional and private life

Since then, every year, around one hundred trainees begin training to become professional drivers. “We have professionalized ongoing training and put all the processes related to the world of driving to the test,” says Jansen. This also included, for example, the hiring of fleet managers in all German Dachser branches, who play a key role within the process and are dedicated to the needs of drivers.

“Finding good drivers is essential. However, it is equally important to maintain and motivate them further”, says Hendrik Jansen. “Currently, what is at stake are issues such as the balance between professional and private life, changes in communication or work with meaning and meaning. And these are precisely the levers we are working on. If we can change the way we deal with our drivers – and this doesn’t just apply to Dachser – then we will be able to bring about a cultural change and a consequent greater appreciation for this profession and the people who practice it”, reiterates the person in charge. 

Source: Dachser Portugal