The multinational Dachser, one of the world's largest operators of logistics and transport of goods, opened in Castanheira do Ribatejo (Vila Franca de Xira), on the 2nd of June, the doors of its new facilities that represent an investment of 13 million and that will to expand the response capacity for customers in the Greater Lisbon region, but also to ensure the needs of the national and European markets.

Its 150 employees who worked until now on the Alverca do Ribatejo platform are already in the new space, which began to be built in 2021 "based on the standards of the most modern centers of the company in Europe", explains in a statement published in your site.

Plan to open a new center in Faro

The new Lisbon logistics center is the second built from scratch by Dachser in Portugal - an AIP member for 14 years -, the first to be built was Condeixa-a-Nova, in Coimbra.

Currently with six branches in Portugal, five dedicated to land transport (in Coimbra, Lisbon, Faro and two in Porto) and one focused on air and sea transport (Porto), the company aims to continue to expand its operations in the country.

The multinational's investment plan provides for the opening of a new center in Faro, with modernized infrastructure and larger than the existing facilities, in order to increase the capacity to respond to the logistics operator's customers in this region.

Ricardo Carvalho: "We ensure direct and daily routes to France, Germany and all the provinces of Spain"

The new platform is located in a strategic area, allowing a more direct connection to Dachser's extensive European land transport network. “In terms of operations, from the Lisbon branch, we provide direct and daily routes to France (to Dachser's eurohub in Clermont-Ferrand) and Germany (to its eurohub in Überherrn), as well as to all provinces of Spain”, underlines Ricardo Carvalho, Branch Manager of the Lisbon branch.

That official also highlights the "weekly departures to potentially anywhere in Europe, through the Dachser European Logistics network".

Built on 59,200 square meters of land, the new branch has an area of ​​7,396 square meters for transport services and 65 loading docks, but which in the future could be expanded by 3,796 square meters and 40 additional loading docks.

Intelligent and automated model in the management of vehicles and goods

The new center has an intelligent model, automated in several aspects, which allows it to provide transport and distribution services for goods, such as industrial and consumer goods, in a faster and more efficient way.

The structure is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to carry out cross-docking operations, through a sorter system that allows the separation of orders, or even an automatic pallet transport chain to move the goods in the warehouse, among others.

The facilities were also built with the optimization of vehicle management in mind: truck access for loading and unloading is fully automated and works on the basis of license plate recognition.

The facilities also have a parking area for 116 swap bodies or trailers and another for 110 vehicles – for employees, visitors, drivers, etc. – as well as a temporary parking lot with capacity for 15 trucks.

In this waiting area, vehicles wait to enter the premises, where daily operations are carried out. Additionally, the center has an office building with two floors and a total of 1,411 square meters.

Celestino Silva: "The strategic location of this new branch offers optimized transit times for the main European markets"

The platform is coated with solar panels, has an aerothermal installation for hot water supply, low consumption lighting and air conditioning systems and, also, intelligent control to achieve greater energy efficiency.

The strategic location of this new subsidiary offers customers in the Greater Lisbon region optimized transit times for the main European markets, without ever giving up the usual high quality of service.

“With this new logistics center in Lisbon, whose model is based on the construction and organization standards of the most modern Dachser centers in Europe, we will be able to respond even faster, more efficiently and tailored to the needs of our customers in the national markets. and European”, guarantees Celestino Silva, Managing Director European Logistics Iberia. “The strategic location of this new branch offers customers in the Greater Lisbon region optimized transit times for the main European markets, without ever giving up the usual high quality of service”, concludes that manager.

Source: Dachser / AIP