It is with a passion for teaching that Eurico Correia – Consultoria e Formação Profissional, a new associate of AIP, develops technical courses according to the needs of companies and entities in various branches of the electrical and electronic sectors, and energy.

Managed by Eurico Zica Correia and based in Seixal, it organizes practical and operational training (intra-company training) using active pedagogical methods in the following areas of activity: electrical installations; electronic maintenance and repair; automotive electricity, automotive mechatronics, fundamental electronics, electronics and telecommunications; renewable and photovoltaic energies; industrial mechatronics; management and IT equipment; electrical engineering and voltage work.

The training can be delivered in a work context (“on the job training”) as well as in the e-learning format.

With a long career dedicated to technical-professional education in the electrical and electronics sector, Eurico Correia has a degree in Electrical Engineering from IST – Instituto Superior Técnico.

He was a teacher in secondary education, in the areas of mechanics and electrotechnics, at the University of Algarve and in several schools and technical-professional institutes in the country; tutor at the CIT (Technical Instruction Center) for courses in Electronics, Electricity, Radio, Audio and TV, and Digital Electronics and Microprocessors; technical director responsible for electrical installation projects.

Currently, he teaches the subjects of LV and MV Electrical Installations, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Digital Systems, Telecommunications, Renewable Energies, Automation, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Photovoltaic Systems and Project Management.

“We need more and better education to be a more developed and less unequal society”, underlines Eurico Ferreira when alerting the most resistant to change: “In a world undergoing accelerated transformation, where there is no place for definitive knowledge, since knowledge become outdated quickly, constant concern with what could and should be the challenges of the future is imperative”.


Municipality: Seixal

Sector: Services

CAE: Training

Manager: Eurico Zica Correia

Products/services: Courses – Electrical Installations/ Responsible Technicians; Maintenance and Repair in Electronics; Automotive Electricity; Automotive Mechatronics; TET – Work in Tension; Renewable energy; Electronics and Telecommunications; Medical Electronics; Management of IT Equipment; Industrial Mechatronics; Electrical Installations Project; Electronics, Automation and Control; Electronics, Automation and Instrumentation; ITED-ITUR; Electric Machines; Mechanical Technical Drawing; Electrical Risks; Photovoltaics; Thermal Solar Energy.