Yesterday the Council of Ministers approved a resolution that extends the situation of calamity throughout the continental national territory until 23:59h on August 31, 2021 and amends the measures currently in force.

We make known the main measures!

These measures, which come into force on August 1, 2021, will apply equally to the entire continental territory. The deconfinement will be gradual and will have 3 phases.

Level 1

August 1st + 50% of the pop. vaccinated 

  • Elimination of circulation restrictions on public roads from 11 pm
  • Maintenance of sanitary and public health measures (in particular those relating to mandatory confinement, the use of masks or visors, the control of body temperature and the carrying out of tests)
  • cultural shows in venues of a fixed nature now have a capacity of 66% of their capacity
  • teleworking is now recommended throughout the national territory, whenever the functions in question allow it
  • Restaurants and similar establishments or cultural and sports facilities start to operate according to the time of the respective license, with the limit of 02:00, with public access being excluded for new admissions from 01:00 onwards
  • The rules in force in high and very high risk municipalities regarding the testing or presentation of a Digital Covid certificate for the purpose of serving meals inside restaurant establishments, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, are now applicable throughout the national territory , as well as on Fridays from 19:00h

Level 2

+ 70% of the pop. vaccinated

  • Restaurants, cafes and patisseries now have a maximum limit of eight people per group inside and 15 people per group on terraces
  • Citizen Shops without prior appointment
  • Cultural shows in fixed venues with 75% capacity
  • Public transport without capacity
  • Family events (namely weddings and baptisms) now have a maximum limit of 75% of the capacity 

Level 3

+ 85% of the pop. vaccinated

  • Restaurants, cafes and patisseries with no maximum number of people per group, either indoors or on terraces
  • Establishments and equipment without capacity limits
  • Cultural shows with unlimited capacity
  • Family events (namely weddings and baptisms) no longer have capacity limits
  • Bars and clubs reopen their usual activity upon presentation of a COVID EU Digital Certificate or a negative test result.

(i) Extends Support for Progressive Recovery, as long as there are restrictions due to the pandemic and companies that face a drop in billing equal to or greater than 25% may continue to access this instrument;

(ii) Companies that face billing losses equal to or greater than 75% may continue to reduce the normal working period (PNT) up to 100%:

(iii) Protection of families with credits in bank moratorium, whereby by August 31, financial institutions must assess the financial capacity of their customers and, by September 15, if the legal requirements are met, they must submit proposals to improve the their contractual conditions. In case of financial difficulties, families with mortgage loans are protected for a minimum period of 90 days, and financial institutions cannot terminate the contract or bring legal actions.

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