Certain measures, approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 114-A/2021 of 20 August, enter into force today, aimed at the progressive lifting of the restrictions imposed by virtue of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering that on August 18, 2021, the level of 70% of the population with complete vaccination was reached, the Government decided to change some of the rules currently in force.

Therefore, from August 23, 2021, the following measures apply:

 - Restaurants, cafes and patisseries now have a maximum limit of eight people per group inside and 15 people per group on terraces;

 - Cultural shows with 75% capacity;

 - Events (namely weddings and baptisms) now have a maximum limit of 75% of the capacity;

 - Public transport without capacity limits;

 - Public services without prior appointment (eg Lojas do Cidadão) – only from September 1st.

We also clarify that the obligation to use masks or visors is maintained for access or stay in closed places or whenever the physical distance recommended by the health authorities proves impractical (at least until September 12th). According to the Government's clarifications, the reversal of this measure will be debated and taken in the Assembly of the Republic.

For additional details please contact us: gabinete.juridico@aip.pt.