Two years after being created, Fermac, a new member of AIP, is one of the main manufacturers of steel profiles in Leiria, using high quality raw materials and certified according to current European standards: 125 projects, 90 customers, 7400 hours of work and 500 tons of steel transformed into products that contribute to the sustainability and energy efficiency of residential buildings built or renovated with LSF – Light Steel Framing, commonly known as “light steel”.

Managed by Ricardo Macedo and Ricardo Guerra, who have over 25 years of experience in the sector, it develops construction solutions using cold-formed structural steel elements, with high-resistance galvanized protection, for the national and international market, having already received orders from Spain and France.

The company, which has a manufacturing facility in Batalha, has one of the most complete portfolios of cold rolled products for use in LSF, which “combine high quality, sustainability and energy efficiency with competitive prices”, guarantee the managers.

“All components are manufactured with precision, quality work achieved through research, development and continuous testing, thanks to capital investment in state-of-the-art technology and machinery”, reveal the manufacturers.

“We are committed to sustainable construction methods”, they emphasize, when explaining the differentiating factors of their product: “Our “light steel” profiles not only provide exceptional strength and durability but also contribute to a greener planet”.

Fermac incorporates sustainability aspects into the final product, such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and recycling: “Traditional construction methods often generate significant leftovers. With our steel structures, there is minimal waste on site, helping to reduce the impact of landfill. Lightweight steel structures are energy efficient, which means lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint for homeowners. Our steel profiles are 100% recyclable, ensuring that materials can be reused in the future, reducing the demand for new resources.”

Those responsible guarantee that “the useful life of houses built with steel structures is longer, reducing the need for replacements and conserving resources”. They state that “building in LSF is promoting sustainability. The materials used are recyclable or eco-efficient. Furthermore, there is a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the manufacturing and assembly of the materials used, compared to the traditional method”.

Fermac's extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture and supply of steel structures, “guarantees unsurpassed precision and quality”, emphasize its managers, who hope to achieve, next year, a turnover in the order of one million euros, acquire a new forming machine and hire two more workers for the “factory floor”.

It is thanks to this business vision, based on innovation and research, that Fermac, according to its managers, will be able to expand its activity and conquer new markets. “By using and developing cutting-edge technologies, cutting-edge processes and systems to ensure we remain at the forefront of this industry segment”, they conclude.


Municipality: Leiria

Sector: Industry

CAE: Cold profiling. It comprises the manufacture of profiles obtained by forming or cold bending flat steel products.

Managers: Ricardo Macedo and Ricardo Guerra

Products/services: We develop construction solutions, consisting of cold-formed structural steel elements, with high-resistance galvanized protection, for the national and international market.