Jorge Figueiredo's strategic investment vision, experience and knowledge place Digital Frame in the ranking of the most requested companies in its field – the production of films, videos and television programs.

“The relationship of trust with our customers and partners is what defines us”, prefers to say the CEO of the new AIP associate, founded in December 2003 and headquartered in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, district of Porto.

If trust is the soul of your business, knowledge has married long-term hopes for this company, and with a relevant place in the projects it signs. It is the result, let us say, of the knowledge brought from the areas of radio, video and photography – accumulated since 1990 – by Jorge Figueiredo and his team.

Openly embracing the evolution of society and the economy, in 2004 Digital Frame "enters the market with vigor and with new products and services", recalls the organization on its website.

In the competitive world of audiovisual technology, Digital Frame “guarantees the capacity for innovation”, emphasizes Jorge Figueiredo. The result of "effective management and a commitment to quality, which has allowed for sustained growth, both in terms of new facilities, new equipment, but mainly, a growth in our highly qualified team", explains the CEO of the company specialized in the area. of audiovisuals.

Although its operations center is located in the North of Portugal, Digital Frame has an associated company in the Center, in Viseu, and has plans to expand with a branch in the South of the country.

The company has a team of 10 employees, working full time, most of them graduates in the audiovisual area, and made up of technicians, directors, camera, light and sound, creative and commercial operators.

Jorge Figueiredo, Master in Film Direction and Audiovisual Technology, is the main responsible for the creation of this work team.

The creation of solutions in the multimedia area in an environment of permanent innovation, quality of service and continuous improvement is the goal that Digital Frame pursues, using the latest digital technology in the areas of video, sound and light.


Municipality: Vila Nova de Gaia

Sector: Audiovisual and Multimedia

CAE: Production of films, videos and television programs; organization of fairs, congresses and other similar events; rental of other machines and equipment, n. and.; and film and video projection.

Manager: Jorge Figueiredo

Main products/services: Video production, rental of audiovisual equipment, directing, audiovisual training and reporting. Provision of services to companies, including promotional activities and organization of events. Rental of machines and equipment, with and without operator. Projection (exhibition) activities of films or videos in cinemas, open air, in private rooms or other projection installations. Large, high definition LED screens. High-end projectors for mapped projection on buildings. Robotic chambers. Advanced LiveStream Systems.