Law No. 32/2021, of May 27, was approved, establishing limitations to the wording of contractual clauses, amending Decree-Law No. 446/85, of October 25, which institutes the legal regime for general contractual clauses .

As of August 25, the general contractual clauses generally included in subscriptions to services/goods marketed, for example by entities in the insurance, telecommunications, tourism, banking, etc., are prohibited whenever "they are written with a font size less than 11 or 2.5 millimeters, and with a line spacing of less than 1.15”.

This Law will also be regulated within 60 days in order to create an administrative system for the control and prevention of abusive clauses, ensuring that clauses considered prohibited by court decision are not applied by other entities.

The introduction of this amendment is a very relevant tool for the purposes of greater protection of consumer rights.

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