Founded in 1954, the Casa do Caçador, a new member of AIP, is a reference tavern in the city of Portalegre, a meeting point for hunting lovers and lovers of pure regional delicacies.

Managed by Luís Nogueiro, the business knows the fourth generation of the family in the person of this environmental engineer. It counts on the visit of everyone, from Portalegre and outsiders, “to continue the success achieved so far, after remodeling works that allowed the doors to reopen ten days before the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic”.

The pork steak is queen on the menu, where other representatives of the simple table appear with good conversation: chicken wings and fried pork strips, brightened by the company of ham, sausages, cheeses and wines from the region.

Denomination: House of the Hunter

Municipality: Portalegre

Sector: Services

CAE: Coffee (tasty bar)

Manager: Luis Nogueiro

Products/services: Pitéus as bifanas; chicken wings and squid strips. Cheese, ham, sausages and wines from the region of Portalegre. Normal cafeteria service.