Applications open for non-refundable support for the production of hydrogen and renewable gases The second phase of the program “Support for the production of renewable hydrogen and other renewable gases” is open until 31 July, with a total value of 83 million euros. This program is part of a set of PRR measures that aim to contribute to the objective of carbon neutrality, promoting the energy transition by supporting renewable energies, with a strong focus on the production of hydrogen and other gases from renewable sources.

The form of support to be granted to applications to be approved within the scope of this Notice is in the nature of non-refundable grants. Within the scope of this Notice, only operations that are part of projects aimed at the production of gases of renewable origin, from the energy produced by installations that use only renewable energy sources, will be eligible.

Count on personalized support from AIP for detailed information on the requirements of the notice and for preparing an application: or 21 360 11 12.