Born in the middle of the pandemic, Builtrix, a brand created by Useful Gravity, Lda., a new member of AIP, began its activity in 2020, with Javad Hatami (CEO) and Mojtaba Kamarlouei (CTO), who met during their studies in renewable energy engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico and decided to combine the knowledge and experience acquired to develop and offer the market something innovative: a platform to help companies monitor utility consumption more easily, reduce utility and energy costs and help them to be more sustainable. It has clients in France, Italy and Switzerland, and its objective is to expand into the Spanish market in a consolidated manner.

The solution evolved into software that automatically collects companies' utility data, without the need for customers to invest in the installation of measuring devices. 

“The differentiating factor of Builtrix is ​​the accessibility of the solution”, guarantees Javad Hatami when explaining the formula for achieving significant savings: “All installation, management and monitoring are done online through access to smart meters. With the platform, customers can start developing their energy efficiency and sustainability in a faster and more economical process, since if investment in installing measuring devices were necessary, the cost of the solution would increase significantly.”

“Our product is entirely developed by the internal team”, says Javad Hatami, recalling essential steps in building the concept: “From very early on, we were approached by several national and international entities to help them monitor their energy consumption”. At a national level, they worked on projects with the Municipality of Porto and, more recently, with Cascais City Council, and with NEST – Tourism Innovation Center, monitoring energy consumption and the carbon footprint of several national hotel units. . 

“Our solution allows the user to observe the evolution of energy consumption and carbon emissions, compare efficiency between the client's various buildings and assist in decision making, facilitating the path to energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption , focusing on the analysis of actual consumption data”, says Javad Hatami.

“All energy consumption has its carbon footprint, and our solution also reflects this. At all times, we know the energy mix that is injected into the grid, and through this information, we obtain the exact CO2 intensity based on the location of the electricity consumed in each building”, he explains. 

The Builtrix Utility Platform is currently in version 2.0, adding gas and water consumption data to electricity and CO2 emissions data. “This evolution is the result of several interactions with our customers and our focus on providing a tool that meets their needs and solves their problems,” says Mojtaba Kamarlouei. “It allows our customers to collect the data needed to prepare scope 1 and 2 sustainability reports at the press of a button, instead of spending long periods of time manually collecting data from invoices.”

In the very near future, there will be significant updates to the platform, and according to the founders, “the new features follow a specific “roadmap” and are already in the testing phase. They will be based on the same philosophy: helping our customers to be more efficient in the consumption of their energy resources, reduce their costs and be more sustainable. We see a future where smart use of utility data makes the world a better place, and we’re excited to lead the way.”


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: IT

CAE: Other consultancy, scientific, technical and similar activities, unspecified, non-specialized wholesale trade, Integrated Metainformation System, consultancy and provision of programming services and computer technologies.

Managers: Javad Hatami and Mojtaba Kamarlouei

Products/Services: Builtrix Energy Data Platform. It delivers tangible value by simplifying energy management, providing insights and improving the overall sustainability and efficiency of the building portfolio. Simplifies energy data collection, delivering significant time and cost savings for energy and sustainability experts. It aggregates different types of data, we integrate different systems in a simple way and we use our algorithms to obtain dynamic analyses.