At the annual General Assembly, held on May 15th, AIP approved the Association's Activity and Accounts Report and the respective opinions of the Management and Supervisory Board, referring to the 2023 financial year. With a positive net result of 219 thousand euros, This exercise shows a significant improvement in all financial ratios. It should also be noted that liabilities had a reduction of two million euros compared to the previous year and that bank liabilities had a decrease of 27 percent, corresponding to one million euros. Income reached 5.4 million euros.

During his intervention, the president of the AIP Board, José Eduardo Carvalho, highlighted that “the Association aims to lead, in associative terms, the areas of energy transition, business resizing, and company capitalization, for which we have designed projects that we will continue to develop on the ground.” In all the projects and actions developed by AIP in 2023, “more than 7,400 companies were mobilized, with a total of 15 thousand participants. The number of 6,100 members was also exceeded, spread across all regions of the country, including 118 business associations,” he added.