At the Annual General Meeting, held on May 4, the AIP approved the Association's Activities and Accounts Report and the respective opinions of the Management and the Supervisory Board, referring to the 2021 financial year. Despite the effects of the pandemic, it was possible to maintain the operating balance and obtain a positive net result of 54 thousand euros. Liabilities also fell by 8.7 percent (approximately 1.3 million euros) compared to the previous year.

During his speech, the president of the AIP Board, José Eduardo Carvalho, highlighted that “like 2020, 2021 was also a year of transition, in which the results and the type of activity were similar and that followed. to two years of strong financial consolidation and economic recovery for the association”. Referring to 2021, José Eduardo Carvalho also stressed that “the Association maintained a strong associative activity, mobilizing 23,390 participants, the largest number ever, in the actions, projects and initiatives promoted”.