The AIP approved in the annual General Assembly, held on May 20, the Report of Activities and Accounts of the Association and the respective opinions of the Management and the Fiscal Council, referring to the year of 2020. Despite the effects of the pandemic, it was possible to maintain the operating balance and obtain a positive net result of 34 thousand euros. Liabilities were also reduced by 220 thousand euros, reaching the lowest value since 2011.

During his speech, the president of the AIP Board of Directors, José Eduardo Carvalho, stressed that the 2020 exercise “was characterized by the consequences and effects of the pandemic crisis and that the Association remained throughout the year mostly on a face-to-face basis so that the business associations gave an image that the solution was not just to imprison the economy ”.

José Eduardo Carvalho informed that in the set of AIP activities “we had 7,839 companies involved, 40% more than in the previous year, with a total of 20,690 participants, the largest since 2011” and that “168 new members joined, reaching a total of 5668 , which compares with 3350 in 2011 ”.