Law n.º 14/2023, of April 6, was published, which revises the duty of information provided for in the regime applicable to the provision and dissemination of telephone lines for contacting consumers, provided for in Decree-Law n.º 59/2021, of July 14th.

This amendment aims to restrict the duty of disclosure of telephone numbers by the supplier of goods or service providers to the consumer, establishing that suppliers of goods or service providers should only make these contacts available on their website and in written contracts concluded with consumers. (in the previous version this obligation included invoices).

Information relating to numbers and the price of calls must be made available starting with toll-free lines and geographic or mobile lines, then presenting, if applicable, in ascending order of price, the number and price of calls to the other lines. The law. 14/2023 clarifies that when it is not possible to present a single price for the call, namely because it varies depending on the origin and destination network, or the respective line has free access, it must, alternatively, the following information shall be provided, as the case may be:

• Free Call

• Call to national fixed network

• Call to national mobile network

This diploma enters into force the day after its publication, that is, April 7, 2023.

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