A multi-brand agency with almost 30 years of experience in the market, Alfaiate & Garcia Lda., a new associate of AIP, is a partner of the most renowned insurance companies in the market, with solutions for companies and individuals, in the life and non-life business.

One of the company's competitive advantages is the possibility for the customer, in a single contact, to have access to simulations of 17 companies.

It has a team of 10 specialized professionals and two offices: Ribamar and Lourinhã. But Alfaiate & Garcia's big bet has been on digital, encouraging the Portuguese to use the insurance simulators on the company's website and to manage their policies online.

In addition, it provides a set of digital solutions to respond to the day-to-day needs of customers, namely, personalized service by phone, whatsapp or social networks, and the possibility of receiving all documentation in digital format.

In business insurance, João Garcia, founder and manager of the company, says that “companies have made great efforts to create solutions that really respond to the needs of companies, presenting solutions in different areas, such as multi-risk, work-related accidents, “advancecare” health , personal accidents, life, civil liability, automobile, among others”.

In the words of that person in charge, “the right protection starts in the line of business in which the company operates, be it industry, commerce, services or catering”: “Yes, because the insurance for a restaurant is not the same as the insurance required for a restaurant”. agricultural enterprise or for an industry, for example. Furthermore, these integrated solutions can be adjusted to the profile of each company”.

The vast experience in this business area and the mediation with 17 insurance companies attest that Alfaiate & Garcia is the right partner in the area of ​​insurance, both for companies and individuals.

Denomination: Tailor & Garcia Lda

Municipality: Lourinha

Sector: Insurance

CAE: Activity of Insurance Intermediaries | ASF No. 417456978/3

Manager: Joao Garcia

Products/services: Insurance for companies and individuals, in the life and non-life business.