The Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) welcomes the approval by the European Commission for Member States to proceed with direct aid to companies affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as the authorization to implement measures that are intended to partially compensate the rise in electricity and gas costs in energy-intensive sectors whose continuity of industrial operations may be compromised.

The AIP also defends a set of measures that can mitigate the predictable impacts of the downturn in business activity:

1. In a context in which companies consuming natural gas are already at a limit, as a result of a rise in prices that has been going on for some months and aggravated by the context of war, free emission allowances be granted to the most exposed sectors, such as ceramics and glass.

2. Regarding fuels:

The. Significant reduction of ISP;

B. Extend the measures already in force for the transport of passengers (taxis and buses) to the freight transport sector.

3. Application of the individual time bank.

4. Deferral of payment of Social Security contributions.

5. Reallocation of the distribution of PRR amounts, improving the private sector component, namely to reduce the energy bill.

The Management of the Portuguese Industrial Association

Lisbon, 03/23/2022