An AIP delegation led by its president, José Eduardo de Carvalho, visited, in Torres Vedras, the Luís Vicente Group, in the agri-food sector, which, among other businesses, has the largest industrial complex in Angola. In Portugal, in the fruit sector, it moves an average of 800 tons per week, records a global turnover of around 60 M€, has 300 workers, exports to around 40 countries and owns the well-known brands Plump, Frubis and Maria.

In the company's presentation, David Mota, CEO, explained that the Luís Vicente Group is part of the Nuvi Group, “a strong business group owned by the Vicente family, with more than 5 thousand employees, 8 business units, and which is present in more than 15 countries with 30 brands in its portfolio.”

“The objective of these visits is to learn, on the ground, about relevant and reference business projects in our business sector as well as good management practices, as is the case of the Luís Vicente Group”, began by saying José Eduardo Carvalho at the meeting that brought together some of the operational managers of both entities.

AIP develops a vast set of projects and actions, “but gives great emphasis and priority to the management and productivity of companies”, he explained, pointing out as an example the implementation of management improvement and control systems through the Kaizen Institute.

“You can count on the involvement of the Luís Vicente Group on two fronts that are priorities in our current strategic plan, business consolidation and the implementation of ESG standards/policy”, said David Mota.

Fruit with cutting-edge technology

The industry, through Nuvi Industrial S.A., is the group's most recent activity, which embraces innovation projects in fruits and vegetables. “We combined the know-how of a fruit specialist, acquired over decades, with innovation and technology, as a response to trends in the search for healthier and more convenient food”, says David Mota, recalling that the Luís Vicente Group began its activity with Pera Rocha, in the West zone, in Torres Vedras.

Natural fruits and vegetables, 4th grade fruits and vegetables and dehydrated fruits and vegetables are what it currently produces and sells under the well-known Plump brands (tropical fruit, national and international market); Maria (fruit of Portuguese origin such as rock pear, apple, persimmon, quince, plum, peach and nectarine); Frubis (dehydrated and 4th grade fruits, increasingly known around the world) and Kibala (vegetables for the Angolan market, exclusively locally produced).

It has production in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and Costa Rica. It has logistical and commercial platforms in mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira, Angola, Spain, the Netherlands and exports.

Nuvi Industrial S.A. was born in 2006 through a partnership between Luís Vicente and the companies Consulai and Oleribus with the aim of launching a technology-based project for fresh cut fruit. In 2008, the Group assumed full control of the company and, at the end of 2013, opened its new industrial unit for processing fruit with cutting-edge technology at an international level and certified in the IFS Food and BRC Food standards.

It currently operates in two business areas: fresh cut fruit (IV Gama) and dehydrated fruit. Its best-known brand is Frubis, which has four product ranges.

“In addition to the national market, we already export to more than 10 countries in Europe and Asia and our main axis of growth for the coming years is the expansion of our brand in international markets”, predicts David Mota.

The innovation agenda in terms of developing new products “is also very ambitious, so the company's growth will involve not only entering new markets, but also expanding its range of products”, says the CEO, who hopes to give more new worlds to the already admirable business world of the Vicente family.