António Peralta, CEO of Ivo Cutelarias S.A., manufacturer of one of the most emblematic brands in the national metallurgical industry, accompanied by directors and sons Rafael and Gonçalo Ivo, was the host of the AIP delegation led by its president, José Eduardo de Carvalho, who visited on September 14th this third generation family company, founded in 1954, in Santa Catarina, a village located in Caldas da Rainha, by the entrepreneurial couple João Ivo and Maria das Dores Cabrita.

Recognized by professionals and admired by domestic consumers, the company exports around 90% of the knives and accessories it produces to a total of 94 countries spread across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and America. The expected turnover this year is expected to exceed 12 million euros, more than 2M€ compared to the previous year.

Owner of a robotic factory floor, thanks to the massive investment carried out over the last five years, and a photovoltaic park that guarantees 40% of the energy it needs for the three working shifts, Ivo has a multicultural team made up of more than 200 workers, men and women.

José Eduardo Carvalho explained that this meeting is part of a series of visits that AIP is making to companies with significant evolution within the Portuguese manufacturing industry: “The first objective of our presence here is the recognition of the Portuguese Industrial Association for the work of management that has been carried out in the company. On the other hand, it is also important for operational directors to have knowledge of the business fabric on the ground, its positive aspects and its difficulties, so that we can adapt our activity plan to the companies' needs. We are available, within the scope of our competencies, to provide all the support they need in various areas, including licensing, where we have done a lot of work, especially in the North of the country.”

First international order came to Casablanca in a Ford Transit

Specialized in the manufacture of cutlery for professional and domestic use since it was created, the brand combines artisanal forms with the most recent technologies, thus managing to “guarantee superior quality products”, emphasize the administrators when indicating as differentiating factors the steel used, the great production experience, the rigorous selection of materials used, quality control at each manufacturing stage and continuous investment in R&D and design.

The good edge and good cut of the Ivo knife make this renowned brand one of the main global references in the cutlery market.

The origins of the business date back to 1945, when the company's founder, João Ivo, started selling razors and pocket knives traveling around the country by bicycle. On one of his trips to the Algarve, he met Maria das Dores, surnamed Cabrita – who at 88 years old still works at the company in the quality control area –, whom he would later marry, in Santa Catarina.

The young couple, attracted by the world of cutlery, decide to set up a 'factory', with three workers, at the back of their house, to produce pocket knives and razors.

International expansion began in the 70s, thanks to the refined business vision of the son of the founder and current CEO of the company, António Peralta, for whom the national market was small for the potential that the company presented.

“This was the main reason that led us to one of the greatest adventures experienced, by father and son”, recalls António Peralta: “We headed to Morocco by Ford Transit, to Casablanca, in search of places where we could sell our products. And we returned home with the first international order!”

Almost seventy years later, history repeats itself on the Casa Ivo factory floor, with the pulse of upcoming markets that call for new knives for the world.