José Ramos-Horta, President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, meets Portuguese entrepreneurs at AIP, on 3 November, as part of the business meeting that AIP is organizing, in close collaboration with the Embassy of Timor-Leste. East in Portugal.

The session will start at 10 am, in the Presidents' room, in the AIP headquarters building (Junqueira – Lisbon). The event aims to promote a better understanding of Timor-Leste's economy and the existing potential for investment, with emphasis on the health sectors – pharmaceuticals and hospital products; textile and footwear; fisheries and canning; wine and tourism. It is intended to be a time for access to privileged information and business and institutional networking for entrepreneurs who already interact with this market or who have this objective in their internationalization strategy.

Confirm your presence here. More information: or 213 601 173.