The training took place between October 2019 and January 2020, in the provinces of Luanda, Huíla, Benguela, Huambo and Cabinda. The target groups for training were, for the most part, SME entrepreneurs, leaders and staff of the ministries responsible for implementing the private sector development support program, trainers / researchers from Angola.

1140 trainees were involved and 204 training courses were given on the following topics: productivity, business plan, finance, project management, international trade, marketing, leadership and team building. This is the balance sheet of the training project that AIP, in consortium with CESO, started in June last year, for the Ministry of Economy and Planning of Angola under the Program to Support Production, Export Diversification and Import Replacement , financed by the African Development Bank.

It was a pioneering training project in Angola, due to its territorial scope, and the high involvement of entrepreneurs who, for the most part, were unaware of the topics covered, with exceptions regarding trainees with backgrounds in the private sector, abroad, or in multinational companies operating in Angola.

Ascertained the quality levels achieved with the realization of the project from the perspective of the trainees, it was found that Satisfaction levels of over 90% were reached among the trainees, highlighting countless testimonies of appreciation and recognition of this important initiative, the continuity of which was massively mentioned by all participants.

AIP put all its accumulated experience at the service of the Ministry of Economy and INAPEM - National Institute of Support for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of Angola, from the stage of diagnosis of training needs to the design of training content and teaching materials, definition of the training management process, with the availability of all instruments and records to support its formalization.