Portuguese companies, particularly SMEs, lack size, are undercapitalized and heavily dependent on bank financing. In addition to this structural reality, there are the conjunctural shocks of the crisis caused by the pandemic, the escalation of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the lack of supply of labor for recruitment and the trend of increasing prices of goods and services.

This evolution requires a timely preparation of companies, namely in terms of their capital structure and their capacity for innovation and international projection.

In this context, AIP started to provide a new service to support corporate restructuring and resizing.

This consultancy is based on a strategic pre-diagnosis and support in strengthening the capital structure, in obtaining financing for the consolidation of capital, in corporate restructuring and in the management of companies.

It also aims at the eventual resizing of the company in order to guarantee the growth of its international competitiveness, namely through procurement actions and selection of partners for the establishment of strategic alliances or the merger or acquisition process.

For more information, consult the AIP consulting unit (www.consultingbyaip.pt) by calling 213601021 or consulting@aip.pt.