At the invitation of ISCTE, AIP is part of the Artificial Intelligence for Public Administration Digital Innovation Center (AI4PA), which aims to support the digital transition of Public Administration, central, regional and local through the adoption of technological solutions supported by Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The AIP will intervene in terms of improving skills in digital technologies, defining strategies for digital transformation, access to financing, communication and dissemination of the Polo's activities and results, assuming itself as a facilitator and intermediary entity of the services to be provided by the AI4PA.

The project approved under the PRR, integrates the European Network of Digital Innovation Hubs, will run between September 2023 and December 2025 and aims to involve 450 Public Administration entities and SMEs providing digital solutions.

The AI4AP consortium is led by AMA – Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, IP, and comprises a wide range of 22 public and private entities, such as R&D Institutes, Universities, Municipalities, Associations and Companies, with the aim of supporting testing services and testing solutions digital technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, designing, developing and implementing methods and models, using elements in the cloud and in data centers owned by the Pole's partners.

The main axes of strategic development of the AI4PA Digital Innovation Hub are:

i) Optimize policies in the various areas of governance based on Artificial Intelligence and the promotion of innovative technological solutions; ii) Improve the quality of services with the involvement of citizens and companies; iii) Evaluate the social impacts and ethical implications of technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence; iv) Increase the digital skills of public bodies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that provide services to them; v) Disseminate national and international best practices and reusable solutions; vi) Improve governance for digital transformation at the various scales of State intervention.