"We believe that projects for the co-promotion of companies and universities in accessing structural funds and financing should be rewarded or favored, as compared to those presented in isolation by companies," said the president of the Portuguese Industrial Association at the session. signature of a collaboration protocol between the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) and AIP, on May 13th. José Eduardo Carvalho considered “cooperation between companies and universities to be imperative. It is a strategic aspect of our activity to which we attach a very significant value and translates into two areas: developing applied research in the innovation and development needs of companies - we have a situation in which almost 80% of the effort is in incremental innovation and only 20% applied -; the second aspect is related to business training, both for entrepreneurs and technicians.

In turn, Pedro Dominguinhos, president of the IPS, referred to the importance of the protocol, stating that “AIP can play a fundamental role of aggregator, but also of stimulating what can be more daring projects and in consortium. We would like to work together to anticipate and anticipate the needs of companies in order to structure our offer and respond to this challenge. ”

 “PRR presents us with challenges, not only with new opportunities, but above all with new ways of working together and in partnership. We have our network of regional partnerships in higher education that extends to the Algarve. This is the formal beginning of a set of relationships that we would very much like to deepen and work with together, concluded Pedro Dominguinhos.

The protocol between the two institutions provides for training activities at various levels, development of business support projects, participation in competitions in the European Union and Multilateral, applications for PRR, PT 2020, PT 2030, H2020, and projects of business training.

Founded in 1979, IPS has more than 600 teachers, almost eight thousand students and includes the School of Technology, the School of Education, the School of Business Science, the School of Technology of Barreiro and the School of Technology Health.