AIP and Loures City Council signed a cooperation protocol aimed at promoting initiatives, projects and developing the competitiveness of companies in the municipality. The first action within the scope of this partnership took place in another edition of “Loures Investe em Si”, with an AIP conference focused on community funds.

Aware of the importance of boosting the business fabric, the Loures City Council, through the Economy and Innovation Division, found in AIP a partner to boost companies based in the municipality. “We are the right partner to help the business sector to attract investment, to promote the development of these companies and, consequently, to improve the socio-financial conditions of all residents in the Municipality of Loures”, says Paulo Alexandre Caldas, director of Economy, Financing and AIP Innovation.

Through this cooperation protocol, AIP will also have the mission of providing companies with tools that contribute to improving knowledge and training of business initiatives. It is in this context that the first action emerged, in another edition of “Loures Investe em Si” – the AIP conference under the theme “Financing for Investment and Business Development: PT2030 and Horizon Europe”.

José Eduardo Carvalho, president of AIP, was one of the participants in this AIP conference that took place on April 4, at the Pavilhão Paz e Amizade, in Loures. Ricardo Leão, president of Loures City Council, participated in the opening session of a meeting that featured two speakers: Luís Mira Amaral, from FNWAY, who addressed “Research and Technological Development (I&DT), National Programs and Horizon Europe”, and Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves, full professor, who spoke about “R&D projects developed at FCT-UNL”.

“Loures Investe em Si” is an exhibition that aims to value the business fabric and innovation ecosystem of Loures, through the demonstration of differentiating factors, promoting, among citizens and economic agents, the activity developed by the municipality in the areas of innovation, commerce and industry. It also aims to mobilize stakeholders with a view to promoting sustainable economic growth.

AIP, the oldest and most representative business association in Portugal, works to defend the interests of Portuguese companies, to boost the Portuguese business fabric, contributing to the strengthening of business associations and providing quality services to companies and associates so that they can grow in a more sustainable way, within a fair competitive framework, which allows them to prosper and, thus, help to give the necessary boost to the national economy.