During the month of July, AIP carried out the first mission in the districts of Pemba and Metuge, province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, within the framework of the project Construction and Consolidation of Peace through the Creation of Employment and Self-Employment Among Young Displaced People in Cabo Delgado. Within the scope of this project, which is a partnership with Associação Helpo, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development, AIP is responsible for promoting a set of activities that promote entrepreneurship and the creation of small businesses and companies that favor the structuring of local economies and leverage the processes of sustainable development of the communities and continuous improvement of the living conditions of the families that integrate them.

Training of trainers for entrepreneurship and support for 89 displaced young people (following the violent armed conflicts that started in Cabo Delgado Province in 2017 claimed by the terrorist group Ansar-Al-Sunna, with links to the Islamic State) in the development of plans for business and creating his own job are, for José Eduardo Carvalho, president of AIP, “an example of what AIP wants to be, a business association that assumes social responsibility as an indispensable element of its strategic thinking and practice” . The president of AIP adds that “in this case, and given the particular vulnerability of those we seek to support, our feeling is even more intense”.

The second AIP mission to Cabo Delgado takes place in September and will include training for trainers and support for the preparation of business plans.