Ed-Rom – Production of Multimedia Contents, Lda supports companies and other organizations in Portugal, Angola, Spain, France, Mozambique and Sweden to implement e-learning platforms, such as the well-known Moodle, of which it is one of its oldest partners.

National company managed by António Vilela, AIP's new associate is in Lisbon and has been engaged in IT consultancy since 2003.

As a Moodle partner, it provides several services such as hosting, installation, customization, training, integration and development, as well as a great contribution to the translation, dissemination and development of this solution in the Portuguese language universe.


Municipality: Lisbon

Sector: Services

CAE: Computer Consulting Activities

Manager: António Vilela

Main products/services: Moodle e-learning platform – installs, hosts, customizes and develops this solution. Production of e-learning content. SIGA – develops and implements software to automate and ensure consistent performance of academic management and training tasks, from application to issuing certificates. Alumni – develops and implements software to promote a long-term relationship with students by providing them with this portal. It offers other services such as e-learning content production, web site development, web application development and integration, mainly for companies and education departments