48% of companies, especially large and medium-sized companies, consider that they are in the economic cycle recovery phase; 14% are still in a recessive context and 38%, mainly small companies and from the industrial sector, are in transition, in response to the survey on the business context carried out by the AIP at the end of October.

However, half of the companies surveyed believe that the end of moratoria and the deferral of payment of taxes and contributions is premature.

In fiscal year 2021, 38% of companies estimate a reduction in EBITDA and 43% in net income. Almost half of the companies (46%) face reduced marketing margins.

Only large and medium-sized companies have high or moderate expectations regarding the impact of the PRR.

The tax burden, fuel, energy and personnel costs are factors considered to have the greatest impact on company performance. However, in the industrial sector, the rigidity of individual dismissals and the end of the individual hours bank in medium-sized companies are mentioned as factors of great relevance, which does not occur in other sectors and in companies of another dimension.